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Spend more time discovering your family history and
less time formatting citations.


Over 500 genealogy citation templates

Accessing 513 family genealogy citation templates means you no longer have to remember what fields are required for each document type. Focus on content of the document, not on the citation of the document!

Easy create correct citations

Correctly formatted citations allow others to find your supporting documents. As each component of the citation is present, those omitted are labeled as such, and appropriate punctuation and formatting, such as quotes and italics, is always present.

Use with any genealogy software

Copying generated citations allow you to use any software of website you like to manage your family tree. No need to be restricted to any one software of website.

Support for private and optional fields

Generating private citations saves you time by generating two citations, one for your private records and another for public records. Optional fields allow you to skip information that isn't required.

Easily save, copy and edit citations

Having access to past citations allows you to use different sections of the same document or database without having to re-enter information resulting in significant time savings.

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Thank you for visiting this website! We’re Ada and Stan, the creators of Genealogy Citation Builder!

As two researchers, we know that it is important to accurately cite our sources – and we also know that it can be a big pain. In a chance meeting with an enthusiastic family genealogist, we learned that for family genealogists, that there wasn’t an easy tool to use to generate citations. Which makes it very hard to ensure that all of the citations meet the standards set in Evidence Explained.

As efficiency experts and engineers, we love saving time and we knew we could build a tool to save family genealogists from having to continuously reference the book and double check punctuation to cite sources. We suspected that most people got into family genealogy for reasons other than formatting source document citations!

With this inspiration, we created Genealogy Citation Builder. By using Genealogy Citation Builder, a family genealogist, like you, only has to select the document type, fill in the associated fields and generate a citation with a click of a button. From there the citation may be ported to a program of your choice. In addition, your generated citations are saved in the system for you to use in the future, or to use as a starting point for other citations. We hope you enjoy using this tool as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr. Stanko Dimitrov, Ph.D., P.Eng.